Game about a girl locked inside her mind.


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i cant out run the ghost help

I did it!!! you keep on tapping E and pressing D.

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Still am not able to outrun the ghost.

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Ok. I thought that i fixed these bugs. Sorry about your gaming experience. I'm going to fix it.

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What kind of problem is it? Is ghost too fast or your character isn't running faster at this moment?

How do I sprint?

I think it's a bug. Is ghost too fast or your character isn't running faster at this moment? I need to know this to fix bug.

Era pra que o bixo na parte da fumaça vermelha,voce mais rapido do que voce?

Pois eu nao consigo fugir dele

yeah it is.

really nice game man , what engine did u use?


Thanks. It's construct 2.

How to sprint. I can't pass the game without it.

I can't outrun the monster at that one part. please somebody help meeeeeee

I'm sorry, it's a bug. I'll fix it in next patch =(

Now i fixed sprint bug... i suppose =)

I still can't outrun it. Is there a sprint button I don't know about. I am only using WASD, E, and F


I got stuck at the piano puzzle but really cool game... love the atmosphere and pixel art.

Now it's easyer and working a little bit different than before. You can try again if u want.

Thank you for the reply! I will give it another go asap!

I was able to do the piano at first but now it dosen't work. I will comment if it works but I Hvaen't got it yet

Amazing job! 

that was really good. wow


Really enjoyed this! Short game but very well done! 


Lot of potential...